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Wine Down Wednesdays ep.01 – Intro & Transitioning to IPS

At the beginning of July, I started sharing my studio with Amanda at Amanda Haddow Photography. Amanda has justView full post »

What if being a starving artist wasn’t a thing

I was thinking about photographers and their general dislike of numbers. It’s not that they are unable to run andView full post »

Why the old boys club was kinda cool

In recent years, with the rise of social media, traditional photography associations have seen a decline in membership.View full post »

Digital Files - the wallet photo is dead.

How we can change the state of the photography industry

Last week while at Image Explorations, I found myself in a conversation about “the power of print”.  We gotView full post »

In-Person Sales: 3 easy steps to transition your photography business

The switch from running a shoot n’burn company to a high-value photography company can be a bit overwhelming.View full post »

How my own struggles inspired Pixel Cents

A few years ago, I was leaving my neighbourhood grocery store when I ran into a husband and wife client of mine. I hadView full post »

Why switching to In-Person Sales doesn’t mean you’ll be successful

It’s been a few months now since I read about a photographer who had just switched to IPS. They were celebratingView full post »

How to price your photos so that you can make more money

Photographers will rarely admit this on social media, but get a group of them together to chat about pricing theirView full post »

Why did BC Photohub want to talk to me?

Right before the holidays I got contacted by Matt Law from BC Photohub about the e-book and iphone app Pixel Cents. IView full post »


Pixel cents is the innovation of professional photographer Melissa Welsh. Motivated by the struggle photographers were having with digital files, she created a method for pricing photography that is simple, accessible, and sustainable for the entire industry.